We have been #1 in TV mounting in the Valley since 2005. Get TV Mounting done right the first time by our professional home theater installers.  All TV mounting, soundbars, speakers and all installation.

TV mounts sold by stores have high mark-ups and the quality of TV mounts has diminished.  There still are a few good TV mount models.  We offer TV's with low, low mark-up that we trust to get your TV's mounted properly and securely.  We normally have mounts on the trucks so if a mount you have purchased is incompatible with the wall you need the TV mounted on.

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TV mounting with flat/tilt mount with all wires hidden for most sets just:
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We have mounted over 12,000 TV's in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria, Mesa, Queen Creek and all areas of town.


When it comes to TV wall mounting we take great care of your TV's and your property.  We have experts to analyze each installation to do it the right way and so it comes out super-clean.  We care about each customer and are a smaller company that just serves most of the Valley.


When you want TV's mounted or home theater it may seem easier these days to just use one of the apps out there in reality you will just being paying more money as some of those tech companies are charging installers 10-30% and even more!!  When it comes to customer service your review or the quality of service if not adequate is lost in a sea of reviews.  Installers hired for these companies only need to pass a background check and they are good to go, it is like having Best Buy install charging a fortune only to have some college kid show up with little experience.  We have had jobs where Best Buy and other entities have been able to mount a TV and said it's impossible.  The YouTube video above with an installer doing pull-up's was actually a job at LA Fitness at PV mall where Best Buy said it could not be done.  When we showed up we analyzed the job and I alerted them that it could be done, but not with the mount they had bought.  We bought a nice mount that cost them half as much that had the proper backplate to accommodate the metal studs and the 80" Sharp TV went up in the corner, no problem and was secure as it could be.  This was around 2015.


We have TV installers in the North and East Valley.  Save big on add'l mounts and mounting.


 There are many nuances in the different kinds of construction.  Residential homes in South and Central Scottsdale have a lot of homes with drywall over block.  We are exterts in proper installation in commercial dwellings also. Many companies are just hiring people off the street who only have to pass a background check to sign up for these apps like Tackl, Home Advisor, etc.  Why pay more when some of those tech companies are charging 10-30% passing the cost on to you?  Or small company cares about our customers, with some big corporate entity you are a drop in the bucket.  All you do is pay more money and like a Best Buy installation it is often some college kids with little training.  Get TV mounting done right the first time in Scottsdale.  We specialize in all kinds of mounting and installation.  In North Scottsdale there are more custom homes and we have all the mounts to fit all the situations that aren't normal.  For hassle-free service in Scottsdale call us for all of you TV mounting and installation needs.




 If your home in Scottsdale is wired for surround sound we have great prices on receivers and equipment to have great sound for a great price.  Many homes in the Scottsdale area are wired for home theater and house audio and have rectangular plates on the ceiling with the wires inside, we have all kinds of surround sound speakers and home theater equipment to utliize your audio options.  We can also wire most homes in Scottsdale for surround sound and (or) house audio.  Newer Bluetooth receivers allow you to watch TV or programming in the main theater room and be able to play Pandora, Spotify or other audio outside or in other rooms and control all features via smart phone app.  Call us for all of your home theater needs in Gilbert




Soundbars are very popular these days and we mount all soundbars.  We also have soundbar mounts for swivel mounts so when you articulate your TV the soundbar moves with the TV and is connected to the TV mount itself.  Also, we have shelves for AV components like DirecTV box, Cox, Dish, Roku, Apple, Xbox PlayStation or other devices.  Call us today for all of your TV mounting and home theater needs.

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